First Daughter is a new project from Boston-based singer-songwriter, Vanessa Kafka. Born and raised in New England, Kafka is the fourth first daughter in a line of first daughters on her mother’s side, the first daughter of sons on her dad’s side and a first generation American to a first generation Peruvian (her Dad’s parents are from Austria). It’s no surprise that her rich cultural background introduced her to many musical genres and influences at an early age. She found music at a young age and honed her craft as a songwriter through her teens and twenties, writing over a hundred songs. Until she didn’t write anymore.

Kafka has always found herself pulled in different directions and interests. The musical force was strong in her, but she always felt the pull to embrace many curiosities. She moved to Boston after earning her BS in Management Information Systems from UConn. She continued to write and perform even while chasing career ambitions in the local tech scene. By the time she started her MBA at MIT, she had three albums of original music released - Barefoot (2003), From the Backroom (2005) and Into Place (2008) - and had taken a leave of absence from her day job as an IT auditor to do a six week Northeast tour.

She released her EP Bend When the Sun Moves in 2012, but as her ascent in the consumer tech scene accelerated, she found herself less connected to the music that had been her creative anchor for so many years. Life took over - she got married, had two kids and kept climbing the ladder.

Fast forward to 2022 - COVID, burn out and a nagging creative void have her questioning what’s important. “Who am I and what makes me feel alive?” Music comes back to her just when she needs it and by some divine intervention, she is unexpectedly given the chance to take a career break and rediscover herself. Like an old friend, songwriting embraces her with a warm hug.

The name First Daughter is inspired by Vanessa’s roots and the unrelenting strength of women, daughters and mothers who pave the way. Her style seamlessly blends indie authenticity with energetic beats, delivering poignant and honest expressions that resonate with the depth of life's experiences.


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